Who do I thank?

To whom goes the glory?
Who do I thank
For an amazing Sunday?
Or any other amazing day?
First, I thank God;
He is the architect of it all.
Had he not liked it,
It would have been a mess;
Thank you Lord, you willed
It to be good;
You passed through humans
To make my day great;
Therefore, tank you sweet friends,
For letting God use you
To make my day;
I also thank myself;
Had I folded my arms,
Manna would not have fallen
From heaven on to my path;
I played my part and God did it;
But you see, it’s always God.
He willed it;
He granted me the grace
To play my part;
He touched the hearts of others
To bring my labor to fruition.
Thus, no mistake, the glory goes to Him;
As we say, “To God be the glory”.


7 thoughts on “Who do I thank?

  1. Touche! I thank Him in the morning–I thank Him in the noon time–I thank Him–I thank Him when the sun goes down!!!! I thank Him when I’m down–I thank Him when down I am not–because why not? You lift me up, my friend, for you my friend? I thank HIM! 🙂


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      1. Getting lots of likes. Next? Father spoke in a dream again. I saw two blue kites flying way up the blue sky. Meaning? Amazing,

        If you dream about a kite that is flying very high it means that great changes are happening.
        Flying a kite in your dream usually refers to a work or social situation that is taking off – you’re finally having success with it, or you’re just about to.
        A kite flying freely and easily in clear skies indicates the attainment of your highest dreams, whether you were the one flying the kite or were simply observing.

        I remember you mentioning our highest dreams. I am working on the book. The delay is due to the inclusion of the latest happenings.

        Don’t know what will happen today. the response to Do You Have A Plan? is really promising, but! I am waiting for His best. Will see.
        Do you have any suggestions? 🙂

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          1. I agree. This is what I have recorded for the next post.

            At that moment, I felt drowsy. When I laid down I dreamed the dream. I looked at the meaning and got what I take it to be Your answer, but! That’s between You and me for now. I am finding out that sharing these things prematurely sets me to doubt Your answers. Please, my Father, teach me Your ways. Psalms 25 comes to mind. Psalms 25 has been the prayer in my lips for many years.

            We’ll wait together, Ok? Psalms 25 has empowered me to wait on Him. I’ll do some cleaning in the meantime until I get the go with the next post. 🙂

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