Who do I thank?

To whom goes the glory?
Who do I thank
For an amazing Sunday?
Or any other amazing day?
First, I thank God;
He is the architect of it all.
Had he not liked it,
It would have been a mess;
Thank you Lord, you willed
It to be good;
You passed through humans
To make my day great;
Therefore, tank you sweet friends,
For letting God use you
To make my day;
I also thank myself;
Had I folded my arms,
Manna would not have fallen
From heaven on to my path;
I played my part and God did it;
But you see, it’s always God.
He willed it;
He granted me the grace
To play my part;
He touched the hearts of others
To bring my labor to fruition.
Thus, no mistake, the glory goes to Him;
As we say, “To God be the glory”.