Spreading the Word

AI like you to see some of the pictures of Bishop Michael Bibi’s journey as he takes the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nooks and crannies of the Archdiocese of Banenda:

Auxiliary Bishop Michael Bibi of the Archdiocese of Bamenda. He knows the Archdiocese more than any Christian, priest or Bishop, as he goes every where taking the Word of God.


5 thoughts on “Spreading the Word

    1. I am not skilled. When I visit a blog there is no way I can indicate to the blogger that I was around other than to like so I do what I don’t mind another doing to me I like whether I read or not. A like tells me some body considered my work important enough to stop by. If people many people are stopping by some will read and some will not. But no body will read at all if nobody stops by. My first concern when it comes to blogging is to let as many people as possible see and know what I am doing. As time goes on they will read more of my posts if they find them useful. Give me a hundred likes without reading I will be happy that you stopped by. That is acknowledgement for my work. It’s something.


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