How well do you appreciate?
Are you thankful to God
For everything he has done
For you?
Do you acknowledge
His wonderful blessings
Every day?
Some people are never
They ask and ask;-
They ask for more;
And never say “Thank you”
To the Almighty God,
Who gives every thing,
Whenever you receive,
Appreciate what you get;
Then you ask for more.
God will be pleased
To give you more
’cause in you,
He shall be well pleased.


5 thoughts on “Appreciate

  1. True words..
    The comforts and blessings that we have, we tend not to value them.. whereas, there are many people out there for whom these comforts and blessings are still a dream ..

    I thanks God for giving me this life… And I thank my parents for making this life so meaningful. God gave me a life but parents gave me the vision to live it correctly.

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