Look for them

What I love about the world is the fact that there are a lot of very good people in the world. 

The world may look like an evil world because of the evil things we see everyday. But in truth, good dominates evil. 

There are more good people than evil people in the world. Look for the good people and you will find. 

MI meet many wonderful people every day. And thank them for being good.

Thank you for being so nice sweet friends! May God bless you!


15 thoughts on “Look for them

  1. The world​ isn’t black or white, it’s grey. Everyone has some goods and some bads. It upon us that which in colour of ours we like to live.

    And hey! To be very frank, you’re one of my most favourite people. I like to read your works. They’re always so inspiring Sir.
    I remember that you’re one of those people who welcomed me so warmly in this WordPress family.
    Thank you for being so lovely. (:

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