I see your tears;
Tears fill your eyes;
Have you been crying?
Why are you crying?
What bothers you, my sweet?
I am here for you;
To wipe your tears;
Turn around and face me;
Stop crying;
Stop pouring those tears;
Life is not hard for you alone;
All will be well;
The mighty were once like you;
They never had it easy;
They went through thick and thin;
They struggled;
And they cried also;
But it all passed;
It will be same for you;
Don’t cry;
And don’t lose hope;
Don’t give up;
Keep going;
You will be fine, my sweetie;
God will bless you in time!


4 thoughts on “Tears

    1. The mind is not fixed. Sometimes we are high and sometimes we are low. You are right. My love poems are flowing and seem to be more appreciated than anything I have posted. If the people love it and it’s available and good give them.What do you think? Your reaction will be highly valued.


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