The winning approach

I like us to talk about the approach that wins. We can call it the winning formula or the winners’ approach.

You have heard about it over and over but let me just say it again; and in my own way.

Has it ever happened to you that somebody pushed your spirits down and they reached rock bottom just to find someone there who took you on his back and both of you flew to the sky?

It happens so often; and that is life. From rock bottom to the sky. 

Sometimes a fall is what you need the most in life. You May fall just to rise higher than where you were. When you step back, the French say, you skip better. 

When a setback comes your way, I like you to see it that way. Instead of crying about it, look for an opening to something more grandiose. That is the positive approach to life. That is the approach that wins.

That is the simple formula. Remember I warned because I knew it was a thing you’ve heard ovr and over.

The approach that wins:

Turn into stepping-stones all stumbling blocks you find on your way.


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