What’s Happening in thiaBasilia’s World?…

What’s Happening in thiaBasilia’s World? Mine O Mine! Keep checking me out! Things are happening so fast, I can’t keep up! I’m a walker not a runner, but! Father is taking care of it all for me! What a blessing!

Father knows why am I taking so long to prepare the promised books for publication. I think He might be building up your suspense and expectation. What you think? 🙂


2 thoughts on “What’s Happening in thiaBasilia’s World?…

    1. True. True. True. That’s what I am talking about. That’s why Father revealed to me how stupid we are.

      Life, HIS LIFE, is simple. Easy. He says: Come to Me. I will ease your life, but!

      We say, “Are you talking to me? Can You see that I am busy? I got to eat. I got to feed my family. I got to work!” And the whole religious community says, “Amen!”

      And on we go. We put the horse on the cart, and! We pull the cart for 5 days to exhaustion! Then? We got to relax! Then? We got to go to church! Then? Up to the cart the horse goes on and we pull pull pull again. A vicious circle, but!

      Soon, very soon, He will open our eyes and ears to see our stupidity and respond to His beckoning to come to Him!

      That His purpose for my life and your life as well. To let others see and hear Him. 🙂

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