Be Of Service


Mahatma Gandhi

There are seven billion ppl on the planet
Some suffer, some struggle not because of lack
Most suffering is a result of us just being selfish
There is enough for each of us
But some want it all
Hoarders, greedy businessmen who do not care if their fellow-man falls by the wayside
War, famine, hate all perpetrated by one goal
To add as many zeros as possible  to your bank account
Gain the world and lose your soul
It is quite admirable how we band together in a crisis
Stories of sharing, caring an out pouring of love all beautifully highlighted
We all have our own issues are own crosses to bear
We become so absorbed with our problems we forget what the true value of life is
There are blessings to be rewarded by simply lending a hand and asking how may I be of service.

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire 

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