~Liluah Gosala~a “reality”

Dairy…..Liluah Gosala a Reality


It’s the one and only Gosala(Diary) perhaps in all India 🇮🇳 having more than a thousand Desi(indigenous)cows from different parts of India 🇮🇳.

One of my clients proposed me about getting cow milk from Liluah Gosala and I got a chance to visit this uniqueLiluahGosala (Dairy).Situated in Liluah , Howrah a place near GT road and it’s about 7 km from Howrah station in WB.

Really it’s a very much protected environment where in about 1K indigenous cows along with calves , heifers and about a hundred bulls live in a well arranged manner spread over 200 acres of land with a very bigpond inside surrounded by cow sheds on all 3 sides.

I was so happy to see these heifers who were basking under Sun☀️ and it gives a nice experience to watch them provided you are an animal

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