Poor miserable us

Why were we born?
What did we come
To do here?
I am talking about us
The poor, miserable ones
Of the world;
So miserable we are;
We go hungry;
No clothes to wear;
No roof over our heads;
No way to treat ourselves
When we fall sick;
How miserable, indeed!
What did we come
To this world for
If we cannot enjoy
The place?
Imagine the fighting;
The struggling;
The suffering;
And soon our time is up;
And we are gone.
Is this life worth it?
Is it worthwhile
Coming to a world so cruel?
I keep asking myself;
A lonely world;
With no one to sincerely
Love you;
People pretend in front
Of you;
But are ready to stab you
In your back.
Poor us!
Poor miserable us!