DAY 29

The raining ashes

On my trail

Dusking zeal

The heart, on fire, again and again

Is it a message being conveyed?

It’s been too long

I wait, I wait

Perhaps, holding onto your absence

Not peaceful a choice

Growth at least happens

Making me stronger than I was yesterday

Struggling with forgiveness and acceptance within each instant

The soothing evening consoles me

At first glimpse

I see a faint light in the sky


A planet perhaps

Perhaps, Venus watching over me

The clouds slowly engulf me

Driving me to the threshold of no return

Instantly, a realization rings within

The boundlessness of the clouds

That is its nature

I am meant to continue my swim through it

In conflict, I ask

Where did the light go?

Leaving me in darkness

Without my wish

The heart calls for you

Do you hear me?

The heart seeks

Only to…

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