Dear Love,

It seems up till now you do not know how dearly I love you. Do you know? I fear you don’t. If you do, why don’t you love back? 

Has someone stolen your heart from me? Your heart used to dance for me. Now, it is quiet; too quiet for my liking; and makes me doubt your love.

Tell me you love me and for ever will be mine. Say it loud and clear so that this heat of doubt and frustration burning in my heart will stop.

I continue to be mad about you. On some nights I don’t sleep. I just lie there thinking about you. Those eyes of yours will kill me. When I visualize them as you lie by me all the chemistry of my body changes. 

Your lips are so fresh and sweet. Do you lace them with honey or nectar? Since I was born, I have not savored anything so delicious. 

You are more delicious than a wedding cake. If I have you for breakfast, lunch and super, I will still want more.

Darling, quietly whisper to me that you love me and will for ever be mine; you are sweet hot cake. 

Take a kiss on each jaw and feel good.

Your sweet heart.