What Is It To Be A Hero

Sketches By Nitesh

Usually life takes more than it gives and the sooner you make your peace with that, the sooner you can cherish the little moments. Little moments that truly give you the strength to walk tall through the storm of life. Good people are dying all around. If you think I’m angry, don’t, I’m way past that. I’m something else, a monster maybe. A realist. A pessimist in a world full of optimist.

“I want to ask you something,

Few simple words,

Few words that will destroy everything.

I want to ask

What tears do you hold back?

What are you hiding?

What heaviness are you breathing?

How much pain do you bear?

How much of a lie you are?

Now close your eyes,

And tell me,

Who are you?”

Nitesh Mishra

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