You made it

You made it, my girl;
You made it in a big way;
You made it just like you;
You made it and made it;
You made it to the top.
You made it;


5 thoughts on “You made it

  1. Well thank you I did, thank you for realizing….or did you? Now that I’m back *here* I want to ask…..should I return to facebook? I had an audience there….a bunch of men from a church….a bunch of cute and sometimes sexy and sometimes not sexy men who adored to go to my facebook page everyday. Perhaps it would be too much trouble for them to find me here? They never said anything usually unless I contacted them, but they always reacted when I saw them next… the coffee shop or at church. I need your advice friend, I said I would stay off facebook, but I find myself already wanting to return because I knew there at least people read what I wrote and that I was influencing them….and it was so fun. But I like it here because people actually respond to my posts where there they usually didn’t. Or maybe I should keep it open and copy links to facebook. There are so many good authors on here.



      1. I decided to leave because I was attending a church of mostly all males (ex cons, drug addicts) and they came to my facebook page every day and some things they read they got angry about. Anyway, I tried to tone it down but they kept getting angry. I couldn’t even joke without them being angry. I left that church because the leadership would try to find one little thing to gripe about on facebook about me then tell all the men in his ministry they couldn’t talk to me, so they’ve been shunning me for 6 mos. about so I left facebook and thought that would be a way to make a total break from them. My facebook page was their daily dose of entertainment, which was a booste to my ego, but some things I said angered them.


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