From a far off land
They’ve come,
To give comfort
To many a soul;
Where there is illness,
They bring health;
Where hope is lost,
The bring hope;
Where there is despair,
They bring sssurance,
Where there is sadness;
They bring joy;
Who dares to say
They aren’t God sent;
It’s crystal clear,
They come from God;
They are God sent.


5 thoughts on “God-sent

      1. Ah! My Brother! The messengers from hell to keep us humble, but! His grace is sufficient unto us.
        Remember our brothers Paul and Job. Every single stab is met with that remembrance. It makes things bearable. So it does for me. And is doing it for you. I always, loudly I spit in Satan’s face: “My Master Yahuwah rebukes you Satan!” and go on.
        Satan can torment us but he can’t take our lives. Much less truncate the purpose for those our lives. 🙂


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