Happy Birthday Babumochai…!


DAY 30

Happy Birthday to Dada

I, remembering

This is how you call him

This is how I remember him as well

I loved the idea

An idea it was then

The idea was

Now, I would have a Dada too

There would be someone

I would call Dada too

Someone who would not only get angry at my madness


Letting me be the Lado of the abode, perhaps

Just like fathers are

To their pampered daughters

With an open heart

And with understanding

The idea today, remains as sweet as it was then

Just,… it has remained the idea

An idea which now seems far from reality

He he heyyyyyy kkkir…. (Shah Rukh style)

No complaints at all

My wish remains

A joyful day

Joyful times ahead

Happy, lovely rebirth dear Babumochai!

To A Paa

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