It is always beneficial for posting on other blogs or sites also apart from our own blog.because whatever we post on our blog,that straight away goes to all our follower’s reader section & in return we get our site views,but if we want that our posts should go to more followers,apart from our own followers team…say  5000 followers more,then making more 5000 followers in a single day is not possible.hence its a technique that we request our post to be published on some other bloggers site with much or can say at least more followers than our site.

that request can be done in two ways

01)GUEST POSTS:-we request a guest post on other blogger’s site which is having thousands of followers.

if he accepts our request then he publishes our self written post on his blog along with our blog URL,so that when he publish that guest post,that will go to his all attached follower’s reader along with our blog’s URL.

in that way our blog post reaches to a another thousands of group of people in a single click

but requesting again & again daily to so many bloggers to get our guest post published is a very hectic thing. b’coz for that we have to search first on reader that who is allowing guest posts & then we send him request & then its up to him whether he likes our creation or not & whether he will allow us more than one time the guest post to be published on his blog….etc etc..b’coz there only few bloggers who allows more than one time the guest post of the same Author.

so to overcome this problem here comes a second method of having large no of our site vies in a day & that is becoming a CO-Author of a site who has large no of followers.


02) BECOMING CO-AUTHOR OF ANOTHER SITE:-with this we may have… u can say…a kind of guest posts in our own style & as many times as we want. becoz here we do not have to request again & again for having guest in actual you are the kind of owner of that have full freedom to publish your creations/compositions & to get large traffic in your site from other site too apart from your own site.

so suppose if you have 500 followers at your own blog or site,then what ever you posts,that goes to that 500 people,but if you also post to a another site then that post will go to that blogger’s followers team…say 5,000,then that means..your post goes to 500+5,000 i.e total 5,500 followers in a single hit.


so its a tremendous technique of increasing our site traffic & improving our site Rank


even I am also a CO-Author of many sites which is having more followers team than I always get approx 100 views from that sites per day.

so,after reading all these what you are waiting for? just register for poetry passion & become a Co-Author of “POETRY PASSION” by clicking on below link


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