The worst/best week

Hi friends!

Here comes Sunday! Can you know what’s been happening to me? Thank God I am right here for you. The week that has ended was the worst/best week for me.

I had a successful surgery for prostate. But the pains that I had thereafter could kill me. I never knew I would survive But I have, thanks to the Grace of God, the expertise of the medical team, the excellent work of the nurses, your prayers and the prayers of all of you around world.

God is alive and answers prayers. He answered my and your prayers for me. I am still in hospital but recovering fast. I may be out in about a week.

And while I was going through all this I was firmly instructed to put off my phone. Strangely also, this beautiful hospital locality seems to receive net work only from time to time. It was thirty minutes ago, at about 4.30 am that I found it was available and I could get to you.

Can I say ‘Thank you’ enough to all of you?  Never! And guess what? The 20th of September when I had the greatest pains was my birthday. So I missed all the lovely birthday messages, songs and cakes you sent to me. You can see how much I have to read. 

I am worried about the bill but God will provide.

Thank you and thank you a thousand times.