To my friends all over the world

Dear friend!

I am spending this Sunday communicating with friends around the world after successful surgery in Shisong Hospital awaiting to be discharged in the next five or six days. 

Today the Bishop of Kumbo visited and blessed me.

Thanks to all of you for your concern, prayers and financial support. The operation took place on Tuesday and Wednesday was the worst day of my life but the Doctors, nurses in Shisong were exceptional. 

I get up now, sit on my bed or chair and even walk out. 

My family has been wonderful. Emilia, my sweet wife,  has been here since day one and has given me the best care. My son Lionel was here for two days. They have been wonderful. 

I pray that God may reward all those who have contributed to save my life. I pray that God may reward you for your prayers and replenish the pockets of those who have supported me financially. 

I have received more than a thousand messages from around sixty countries in the world. What better can I ask from God? A friend in need is a friend indeed. And all your moral, spiritual and financial support will always be remembered.  If you are out of the country and wish to send me financial support as a lot of you have indicated, send it through Western Union address to Siri Emilia Chungong epse Ngobesing. If you’re in Cameroon, Express Exchange in Bamenda. God bless you! I am enclosing some of the pictures.