To all men: prostate

Hello fellow men! I want to talk to you about something that has been keeping many of us worried, afraid and ashamed. That is prostate. 

 Please, prostate is not a disease to be ashamed of. Why should you be ashamed of your prostate?  Have you seen the symptoms of prostate in you?

 If you find the symptoms of prostate in you, go immediately for screening. Don’t be ashamed to go for screening. Don’t be afraid that people will know you have prostate. If you have prostate, so what? Will you be the first or the last? People have had prostate before you. Millions will have prostate after you; and life will not come to an end.

Prostate is not an illness of shame. It is just an illness like any other illness which can be cured.

The tendency is for men to hide it when they get symptoms of prostate in them. They listen to all types of prescriptions from all types of people. This is instead to complicate matters.  Many of such people are nothing but money mongers who want to swell their pockets through you.

My advice is that if you are forty and above, go for prostate screening yearly. Do not be ashamed for people to know that you are going for prostate screening. If you are asked to go for prostate surgery do not be ashamed to let people know. Millions of men like you have done it. You are just a human being like others. And prostate surgery has become easy with present day sophisticated medical technology. Do not be afraid to die.

I will be coming back to give you the symptoms of prostate. Please, share this to as many of your friends as possible. Let people stop making prostate a taboo subject.