focused attention

When I see the word focused, I immediately think of the 14th to the 26th of September, 2017. During this period, my heart and mind were almost totally focused on my health. I spent it on a hospital bed. Even those closest to me, such as my wife and children were equally focused on my health. They all paid attention to me. Every other thing in our lives came second.

In the hospital where I was, the Doctors and especially the nurses also focused so much on me that my spirits were greatly boosted and I believe contributed to my quick recovery.

I have not been the object of such focus for a long time. Many of my friends around the world also took off time to focus on me in prayer. I’ve told them I can never be thankful enough.

It’s heart touching and heart warming when so much attention is focused on you. Do you recall a time when other people’s attention was focused on you? How did you feel?