Train on the move

Faithful teammates,
Make a faithful team;
No day will a member
Be left stranded all alone;
If they stay banded together,
No matter how tough
The temptation to scatter,
The faithful team
Will come out as champs.
Come, let’s build
A world team,
Skip color or region or race;
Let language or culture
Not stand between;
It’s not a shallow team
We build;
We aren’t of shallow minds;
Remove the barriers;
Pull down the walls;
Build the bridges
That make us one humanity.
That is our team.
Join or stay out!
The train is on the move.
But be careful!
Don’t scatter what you found;
It’s people’s sweet.
Be of kind heart!
Don’t scatter what you
Also built.
Jump back in;
The train is moving!
Your seat is empty.


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