The stakes are high

Hello friends,

As I write this to you, I have fear in my heart. It is real, founded fear. The future for me and my people is uncertain. Tension is thick in the air. We do not know what the next few days hold for us. Shall we be dead or alive?

Our uncertainty and worry stem from the fact that a large number of people in my part of the country (the English-speaking part), are resolute that the independence of this part will be declared on Sunday, October 1st. The English speaking part of the country forms 1/5th of the whole country. The other part, 4/5 is French Speaking; and  this is the part that controls the government.

Many years ago the two parts reunited after they had been separated for long by the colonial masters and developed in different cultures – the French culture and the English culture.  They reunited on agreement that they would live like two brothers or sisters reunited after separation with equal status. For over fifty years things have not gone that way. One side has all along dominated and suppressed the other. The dominated and suppressed have borne it until now that they have stood up like one man and said enough is enough. All efforts to appease them have borne no fruit. The response is it is coming too late.

 It is clear- there is no turning back.  The declaration of independence has been scheduled for Sunday. The atmosphere is tense. The people’s determination is thick it can be sliced with a knife. The determination of the leadership of the country to see that it is not done is equally unshakeable. Thus, what the future holds is uncertain. The general fear is that many of us alive today may not be after the 1st of October, the scheduled independence declaration day. 

The possibility of real trouble hangs high up in the air.And if trouble starts on that day, shall it end? How long shall it go? What nature shall it take? How much damage shall be caused? These are my worries.

 This issue can only be resolved by the Almighty Creator who has the power to do all things. It is in this light that I request for  the prayers of all my friends around the world and their families and friends. Pray for us. Pray for those who are in a position to decide on this issue that they may take only decisions that will be for the good of the people and not their selfish interest.

Pray that all demonstrations may be peaceful and no police or military brutality. Share this call for prayers that others may join to pray for us. Thanks for your love!


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