I thought it was too late

I thought it was too late for me;
So I shouted out, “Too late for me!”
Just then I heard a voice;
A whisper, indeed;
But loud and clear;
“Who told you so?”, it asked;
I pricked my ears;
Opened my eyes;
And listened;
It went on:
“Are you too late to think?
Too late to set a goal?
Too late to pray?
Or to trust in the Lord?
You are never too late;
He that trusts in the Lord
Is never too late;
Start now;
Start all over;
Believe in the Lord;
He will see you through.”
I got up as if from a dream;
“Hurrah!” I screamed;
“The Lord has spoken to me.”
It is not too late;
It is never too late;
You can always start afresh;
And with God’s help you will make it.


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