Nerdvana Revisited

Sketches By Nitesh

Trigger Warning: This post has a little section on suicide. If you are some self-proclaimed leader who thinks only idiots commit suicide, this post is perfect for you. If not, then skip, like right now.



That’s another topic on which I can bitch all day but I don’t want to. Atleast I use my smartphone for productive work. Fuck, aren’t I writing this little piece of shit right now?

I guess it would have been better if I checked my WhatsApp status or Facebook status. Sorry those two are the only popular ones I know of. I know, I know, modern kids, I’m an old relic. So sorry about that. It has become so normal to upload your selfies while you’re shitting, or while you are brushing your teeth. Even while you’re in bed. All this is so fucking normal, isn’t it?

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