The Price Of Progress

We brag about making all of these technological leaps and bounds
We have a plethora of gadgets, widgets, thingamajigs
Is that really progress?
Are we really any more refined than the cavemen that beat their chests and hunted the animals in the forest?
We continue with the circle of greed and hate and yet we call ourselves advanced
We hunt our fellow-man, we ravage the wildlife, we chop down all the trees
Bravo let’s hear it for progress
In all the years we have not eliminated the constant onslaught of disease, famine or poverty
The poor remain defenceless while the rich continue to scheme and create new ways to take their money
The earth is angry. Can you really blame her?
Throwing more tantrums than a toddler on an all veggie diet
Have we even considered where we will live when we decimate the planet ?
Maybe can build a new one with all the stuff we have created in the name of progress.

Written By Tachira Wiltshire  


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