This Divided is Much Deeper than the American Flag


Gavel and Justice.People are seeing football players kneeling during the National Anthem and are getting upset, turning off their televisions, demanding refunds on their NFL Sunday Ticket packages, and burning their favorites player jerseys. Unfortunately, because people wrongly assume this act of kneeling is about respect or the lack thereof for, the American flag, our great country, or our amazing dedicated military veterans and active duty servants (who are my real heroes), or our perceived unity as a nation. [ 561 more words ]…/this-is-so-much-deeper-than-standi…/


7 thoughts on “This Divided is Much Deeper than the American Flag

  1. I think I dare say, “the Nation is in deep s***. It is split right straight down the middle, people have never been more vocal about their views. For many it is my way or nothing, with mentalities like that, problems can never be solved. We have to accept each other with our differences and work together or we are going to see nothing but growing problems. It is so sad to see the deterioration of the nation’s spirit and strength. This is supposed to be a Democracy!

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