Inktober – Day Five Entry – The Riddle of Time

Sketches By Nitesh

My dear readers, I have a thought and it’s bugging me for a while now. In almost every blog that I have ever read, there is a category of “The Best of.” The so called Hall of Fame, or in my case, “Hall of Pain.” So I want to make a simple request. Kindly help me out with choosing the best posts (The one you like the most) and ease out some of my tension, would you? If there was one of them, kindly drop the name in comment section. Meanwhile, I’ll be re-reading all of my post and I’ll try to come up with my own list.

Now that I have made a shameless request, a little poem for you. I know it’s rare among my rants, but here it is nonetheless. Just like last time, if you are here just to see the Inktober sketch, jump to the…

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