The Beast


DAY 34

That night…

She stumbled again.

It all flashed back.

In ways she never saw coming…

The dormant desires were resurrected…

It was trying to come out.

Despite her conscious refusal for so…

It cried and shouted: “Let me out”, several times.

Her nails scraped the bed sheets out of anger.

She turned and punched the left side of the bed, half-asleep.

Tears streamed down restlessly.

Anger prevailed.

The anger she took absolute responsibility for. No blames and no complains.

What was the source of the anger? She knew and she found it hard to look within again.

She was tired of everything, she was tired of herself.

For no reason at all…was her sensible reason.

She wanted to be with herself but away from everything, breathing the joyful and blissful life..

Her coughs were tiring to her. It was clear she was ill.

Her real illness was her…

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