Inktober 2017 – Day Six Entry – Married to Agony

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11 thoughts on “Inktober 2017 – Day Six Entry – Married to Agony

  1. You, the unapproachable you. Endless encounters you scold, insult, and yet you continue to taunt me. You, the one that makes me tremble, fighting back my tears… I run for cover into the realm of my solace. Unlock my faithful diary as the tears are streaming down my face.
    Distraught in terror, I write my encounters about the one that is to love me unconditionally. My little hands shaking uncontrollably, I enter the words only a nine-year-old could muster under such distress. “I hate Dad when he drinks beer. I hate it that he pushes me into a wall, and gets in my face.”
    A nine-year-old I am not anymore. Yet, I still continue to unlock my mind and allow the words spill out of me.
    Countless moments of tears still streaming down my swollen face after sobbing and the paper soaked, barely viewing the heartache over the tormented years.
    Safety is what I seek when I spew my words on paper or tapping keys with rapid intensity.
    You are no longer here, but the memory still stings when I recollect of the little girl who found her passion to write.
    You are no longer here, but I found my voice… It is in the Splendor of my sharing my story.
    I still have that nine-year-olds diary, several notebooks, and several journals that hold every ounce of my history.
    Writing is my passion as I mentioned. The real me. The one that suffered her entire adolescence and adulthood with mental illness and disorders, sharing her soul with the world around her.

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