Inktober 2017 – Day Seven Entry – Untitled #3

Sketches By Nitesh

I was traveling back to home and I was in public bus. The person sitting next to me was speaking in Kashmiri. I knew it was Kashmiri because I’ve known quite a few kashmirians, I know enough to know the dialect. Everyone had that judging look, you know, as if he was planning the next terrorist attack, as if the very bus he was sitting on was about to be blown up in few minutes. I mean it’s comical, behind all the rage, behind the Islamophobia, it’s comical. These idiots who don’t even know how to earn more than 200 rupees in one day judge someone who for all intent and purposes could be a millionaire.

This inherent habit or need to judge, to assume simply based on someone’s voice raises unbelievable questions. It definitely does that in my mind. I once wrote it in a post (I have no…

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