Success in marriage

Marriage is not easy. If someone tells you that marriage is easy, the person deceives you. Much unhappiness in the world is generated by marriage. Many husbands and wives go through hell in their marriages. Many couples quarrel and fight.

But marriage can be happy. It can be successful. Many marriages, in fact, are successful.

The question is what makes some marriages happy or successful while others are not?

The answer is simple: those who deviate from God’s plan for marriage experience many difficulties in their marriages. In fact, they do not find happiness at all and success is a far cry.

The next thing is that for your marriage to succeed, you have to work for it to succeed. Do not fold your arms and sit and think that your marriage will succeed on its own.

Work for the success of your marriage. Follow the rules laid down by the one who instituted marriage and you will enjoy success and happiness in your marriage.


2 thoughts on “Success in marriage

  1. It is not hard, either. We have been married for thirty years and are still in love. No gender roles, no ego’s. Jesus central. Easy does it. Truth, not deception.

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