Highlighted blogs Thursday 12 September, 2017.

Hello! Here are our highlighted blogs. Please, visit them. They will make great friends.

1. theordinarygirldiaries

Hiya! I’m isabel, I’ve had this blog for a couple months and it’s not much, but I love doing it. My blog is kind of a strange mix of political/activist things, lifestyle blogging and personal/advice blogging. But this weird mix is the way I am and I dig it. It’s like the diary of an ordinary girl, which is why I named it that way. I’d appreciate it so much if you’d take the time to visit my day. https://theordinarygirldiaries.wordpress.com

1. Hello I’m new to blogging. My goal is to inspire, expand your mind and raise consciousness creating higher vibrations in the world. I will be sharing my personal opinions and ideas on spirituality, awakening, conscious music, art, knowledge, love, truth, motivation, inspiration, social injustice and financial freedom to provoke thought and help people in their journey of becoming the best versions of themselves.
I’m excited to share all of things that have helped me grow on my journey so far…


3. Sheik Mohamed

Great idea to get noticed. Thank you for initiating this post.
Hi all, my blog is to bring you some quick insights on traits a leader must possess to be successful. Please visit and follow if you found my post helpful. Thank you

4. Scarletpiper

Hi All
Im a beautyholic , but I am also a HUMAN, a Mom and a wife, on my blog I try to write about more than just makeup.. If you like please check it out at

Hi Scarlet, Just visited your blog and discovered that we somewhere have the same interests. Would love to connect on social media too and help the blogging community to grow.

5. deadbeautiful02

Hello everyone! I am an introvert,and I fail to express myself in public.And,I know many of you fall in the same category. I believe expressing oneself and one’s own opinion is an integral part of existence.So,I have started a new blog- https://deadbeautiful02.wordpress.com/ ,to pen down my thoughts, imaginations and opinions. I believe the pen is mightier than the sword. Please help me in reaching the masses and overcoming my fear. Thank you so much for this opportunity. If you want me to follow your blogs,leave a link in the comment below. Also,please follow my blog- https://deadbeautiful02.wordpress.com/