Express Train

“Why won’t this train go faster! Isn’t it called an express?” David’s thoughts only fed his anxiety. Why did he have to commute to the city to work? Why couldn’t he be content with a lesser job in the suburbs, or just move? Time was of the essence. He had planned every detail, but this, he had no control over this part of his plan.

He had to be at the rendezvous on time. “Why can’t they go faster! Calm down, Dave. You know how fast this train can go. Just breath buddy.” He checked the time, everything appeared on schedule. He had been planning this for months. Wait, was the train slowing. It was! “The conductor is coming, I need to find out what’s going on.”

“Excuse me, why are we slowing down?”

“We always slow down on this part of the track, sir. Don’t worry, she’s right on schedule.”

“Thank you.”

On schedule, why do they always have to keep to the schedule? Why can’t they be early? They never had a problem being late. This is the express train after all. It should be allowed a little extra speed. A few minutes later David could feel the speed increase again. “Good, we’re right on time.” Ten minutes later they were pulling into his station.

David hurried out of the train, almost running over another passenger and the conductor. “Sorry, in a hurry.” He needed to maintain control. He could not risk being delayed. David jumped into his car and headed down the road. He did not see Harry parked in his police car until Harry waved. David looked down and realized his car was running ten miles per hour over the limit. He let off the gas and waved back. “I wonder if Harry knows.” He kept driving.

Pulling down the street he reached his destination. David could not get the car door open fast enough. He ran up the walkway and burst through the door. “I’m here!”

“Easy dear.” There stood Renee looking beautiful. She carried her nine months of pregnancy well. “I still have plenty of time. Slow down, get changed and then let’s go to the hospital.”

The Daily Post-Express

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