Write Down Your Life

Why should we write? Simple question, right? And yet I promise you that if you ask that particular question to someone, you’ll always get a different answer. Well, here is mine.

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Last week, on the perfectly imperfect bunch, the weekly theme was poetry. Now I do not consider myself to be a good poet but I can capture odd emotions in intricate metaphors (I did it just now). Sadly, I wasn’t in the right mindset to participate in last week’s theme. The reason for that was simple yet complicated. In simplest term, I had a rough week. Revisiting the details will only be unnecessary considering the fact that I’ve captured them with details in these three posts.

Eternal Sadness Cloaked With Brief Smiles

My Words Betrayed Me Today

A Man’s Journey Through His Own Hell

Now if you go through them, you’ll find a boy, not a man, walking through his doubts. The point I’m trying to focus on, right now, is that writing out these three posts did something brilliant. I had a phase like this quite a long ago…

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