Writing Through My Pain

Simply put, a beautiful insight into the impact of writing. In detail, you’ll have to read to find out. But let me say one little line, “In words, we heal, in words, we collected the crumbles of our shattered beliefs.”

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Will the ones who love me,

love me?

Once I’ve fallen down again?

Back into the dark depression,

that destroys me from within?

Void’s dark tormentous seas;

seas of loss,

no man should cross.

Pummeling waves of agony,


afflicting throes,

horrendous woes,

that won’t turn loose until I drown.

Yet while I’m down,

I search for meaning;

a truth to thieve.



within my failures,

sprawled throughout my misery,





among my dreams that I’ve forsaken.

Lying just beyond anxieties,

right there,

just beyond my fear;

past all my insecurities,

beside all of the unknowns;

is the answer I’ve been seeking,

truth that shocks me through my bones.

But can I venture through my panic?

Focus strength where I am weak?

Can I grasp eternal knowledge?

Steal it?

Bring it out,

back through that bondage?

Because in truth,

I am so broken;

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