Highlighted blogs Week-End 21st October, 2017.

Hello sweet friends! Hope you are all doing fine. I continue to fight to be here with you despite the setbacks. Praying that the internet problem in my area be resolved soon. Whatever the case, I will always go the extra mile to be here with you.
Here are our highlighted blogs for the weekend. Do well, in our normal way, to visit them. They are nice guys; all waiting for you.
My best wishes to you all for the weekend!

1. BrLi Vsky

Hey, I’m Vsky. I’m a novice in blogging. Having just 2 posts. Please let me know how to increase the readers and a feedback if you may please on my posts.


2. lorraineanne

Hi! big thanks for initiating this post!
I’ve been working on my blog for a while now and finally mustered up the courage to finally publish it. It’s mostly a place where I can make social commentaries on current events and such (so my posts are a bit lengthy!). Constructive criticism and any comments would be greatly appreciate! Thanks a bunch.


3. Calvin Ferando

Hello I’m Calvin and I love to read and write. I’ve been wanting to do this as much as i love to. It is a passion and I want other people to know about my blog to share them some warm and cozy feeling of being home at all. I will appreciate it if you can visit me on my blog: https://calvinferando.wordpress.com/

thank you and have a nice day


4. Kaci’s DIY Krafts

Hey there! My roommate and I love crafting, so we decided to start a DIY blog. Our goal is to try one new craft a week.
You can find it here: https://kacisdiykraftsblog.wordpress.com/blog/
Our blog is pretty new, so any exposure would be super helpful to us! Thanks!

5. solotravelingfeminist

Hey my name is Kennedu Elizabeth and I had started out writing about my travels through Europe and I’m in the United States. Aside from that I may have a personal piece or two now and then!



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