Success in marriage

Success in marriage
Is like surgery;
Not a matter of luck,
But the fruit of
Careful planning,
And an efficient execution
Of plan;
It doesn’t leave out
Trust in God
And hard work;
If you leave out trust in God,
Failure will come in
Through the main gate
And uproot success;
If you take the marriage
For granted,
And fold your arms,
Success will quickly
Develop legs and take off
Before you open your eyes.
Marriage is like crops
On your farm or garden;
The successful marriage
Is that which is nurtured
And tended every day
Like crops on your farm,
Or vegetables in your garden;
There are no two ways
About it.
If you don’t take it,
Leave it.
Do one
And reap the fruits;
Do the other
And face the consequences.


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