The cacophony of the worship service seemed to drone on for Sally. After the week she had, church was the last place she wanted to be.

“I just don’t see a future for us.” Jeremy had been cold about the breakup. In truth, he gave up on their future after he met Justine.

“We’re just good friends.” He used the same tired line everyone uses.

“Good friends of the opposite sex are the ones that straddle that line between boyfriend and girlfriend.” Sally thought bitterly. Why was she even in church today? The music droned in the background amid her thoughts. Why had God made relationships so complicated? Why had God brought boys into her life instead of men? Where is the commitment?

“Where is your commitment to me?”

The thought struck Sally hard. The bitterness and self-pity faded from view. She tried to shake it off. “I’m committed to God. I’m here aren’t I?”
“Are you here? A man looks at the outward appearance, but I can see your heart.”

Sally sat down and attempted to listen to the church announcements to avoid the question she felt in her soul. Everyone stood, and the music started again.

“Have you forgotten, I was a man. Have you forgotten, I am committed to you for eternity. Have you forgotten, I am always with you.”

Sally began to sing louder, hoping the conviction would go away.

“Why are you running, Sally? I’m right here; you are never alone.”

At first, she wanted to cry, but then Sally smiled. “How could I forget? Let Jeremy have Justine. I have Jesus. I am complete.”

The music seemed to change. In place of a distracting cacophony, it now seemed to transform into a symphony. All the voices around Sally seemed to harmonize together. She closed her eyes and joined the chorus. Her heart nearly burst with joy. Sally longed for the day when this would never have to stop.

The Daily Post-Cacophony

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