DAY 38

This is what I feel I am for you..

If I am wrong, then correct me..

Where is the boundlessness of our existence?

Where did our togetherness go?

Where are we?

Am I still living a dream?

Entangling illusions..

It seems, I do not exist for you..

I wish you connect and communicate with me..

Please express yourself to me so that I understand you more..

I wish to keep no barriers of wrong perceptions between us..

Your self-expression will help you..

I want to make you suffer less..

I am trying to help you..

Within contexts or situations, parameters arise, due to good sense, and respect for oneself and towards you..

The irony is that, many a time..,

The contemplation of the situations made me realize that it is my absence which do more good for you..

My mind being a prisoner of certain ideas this instant.,

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