The Lord’s rich table of destinies

What do you know about destiny?
Do we all have our destinies?
Who fixes each one’s destiny?
Some will say God alone does;
To others, each has a free will
We choose what happens to us;
We alone decide what we become;
I yearn to know your thoughts;
Is our destiny set by our God?
And safely locked away for us?
Or it is in each one’s hands?
With everyone free to choose?
That is the raging debate on;
And no side ready to give in.
Do you like to know my stand?
Each one has many destinies;
We have a range of destinies
To choose from;
Big, medium, small destinies;
All spread out in front of us;
The choice is ours;
If we go for the smallest destiny,
God does not say no;
If we go for the biggest destiny,
God does not say no.
It’s like a variety of food that’s
Cooked and served at table for us;
We freely choose what we eat.
On the Lord’s table of destinies,
The choice is ours.