Does the truth always prevail?

The truth will prevail;
This is what we are taught;
But does the truth
Always prevail?
A good question to ask;
And ready answer there’s;
The truth will prevail;
The truth always prevails;
In rain and in sun,
The truth will prevail;
Hide it in water;
It will prevail;
Hide it from the sun,
The truth will prevail;
Hide it for years,
The truth will prevail;
Yes, it may delay;
But it will prevail;
Whether we like it or not,
The truth will prevail.


4 thoughts on “Does the truth always prevail?

  1. Yes Truth always triumphs.These words have been enshrined under the emblem of India.I have no doubt, Truth will always prevail overcoming every hurdles it comes across.That is the virtue of the Truth.Truth knows nothing but Truth and hence it will always prevail notwithstanding every mudslinging that it faces and every flgrant attempt to cover it.Truth has a natural face value unlike any other virtue in the world.When you follow truth as your ideal virtue, ultimately you will win against all odds.Any attempt made up to cover up truth is just like covering the universe with your hands.Truth has value.Truth is immortal.Truth is eternal.Even if everything on this earth dies Truth will prevail.Even if everything perishes on this Earth, you can restore everything by virtue of Truth.I am a fanatic of Truth just like Mahatma.Hence,you may take some time to get it digested.

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