If you fluff…

If you fluff your exam,
No matter how important it may be,
Do not dramatize it;
Take it easy;
You will not be the first;
Many have fluffed before you;
And many will fluff after you;
Get up;
Dust yourself;
And go in with a vengeance;
You may be surprised
To soar high in the sky;
In God’s unfathomable wisdom,
He makes us fluff,
In order to shoot like a star.



7 thoughts on “If you fluff…

  1. EternalEmpress

    Thank you so much for this!!
    Just yesterday, I had gotten a bad grade on an exam, and I’ve ben really down about it since.
    Your little piece of artwork really helped to lift my spirits, even by a little bit. =)

    Liked by 1 person

          1. EternalEmpress

            To put it simply, I’m your typical grade-obsessed student who believes any score less than a hundred is a representation of failure. Upon receiving a grade of 89.6 on an exam, I was devastated and began ranting to my best friend who, of course, ended cheering me up with her awesomeness.

            All hail weird people!! XP


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