Failure makes great

Do you know?
Failure can make
You great;
Failure makes great;
It has made
Many people great;
They failed;
And because they failed,
They became more than
Ever before determined
To make it;
And make it big;
And they did.
Failure should not discourage
But challenge you;
Have you failed?
Get up and resolve
To do better than imagined
In your next attempt;
Or is it a call
To change direction?
Get the message clearly;
Focus on the positive;
Let that failure
Motivate you;
Let it be
Your greatest blessing.
Let that failure
Make you great.


7 thoughts on “Failure makes great

    1. Ask your self the question: could this be a call for me to change direction?
      Think about it. Pray about it. God is standby to guide you. Reexamine the project in hand. Think of alternatives. Put things side by side. By honest with yourself. You will know what direction to follow. A
      Have the courage to follow what you see to be the right path.

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