If you like my ways…

If you like my ways,
Follow my example;
I can’t hide it from you;
I work extremely hard;
I believe in hard work;
And hard work pays;
This is not to praise myself;
It’s a simple fact;
If you like my ways,
Be hard working like me;
I am reaping the fruits
Of hard work;
There’s a good thing;
If you work hard
And people see you doing
Your best,
Lots of them
will step forward
And support you.
That’s how you make it.


4 thoughts on “If you like my ways…

  1. You are hardworking,
    I too agree
    And no one can deny it.
    I mimic at
    Not at your hardworking
    But I think of myself
    whether I too can be hardworking
    As you always are
    As you always are
    I too agree
    you are hardworking
    I will try to emulate you
    As hardworking as you are.
    Then what else you what
    I too agree with you
    You are always hardworking.


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