The truth about you

There’s a truth about you
I want you to know;
It’s important;
If you don’t know it,
You may go about believing lies
About you,
Which is dangerous.
The truth about you is
You have all it takes
To succeed;
You have all it takes
To shine;
You have all it takes
To be right at the top
Of the ladder of life.
This is a truth about you
Which you may not hear often.
What you may hear very often
Is a big lie about you;
And it is,
That you are not meant to succeed;
That you don’t have what it takes
To succeed;
That you shouldn’t bother yourself
Because you will never succeed.
What a lie!
Please, pay no attention
To this lie;
Listen to nothing but the truth
About you.
I know you will succeed;
You will make it big;
Believe this;
And go ahead
And make it big;
Make it very big.
Be an example
For others to emulate.
That is the truth about you.