DAY 40


When you are seeing a filter,

Conflicts are bound to arise;

Seeking truth with fallacy;

The glow outside makes it hard to see from inside;

How much time is one willing to spend within…traveling closer within,

Staying there until it is known;

This demands a commitment;

Many a time, the view gets blurred,

With contaminants;

You try to clean it from inside,

It doesn’t go,

It is from outside;

The way is yet unknown to move from there;

It takes time,

Choosing to move elsewhere,

To even move from the hullabaloo of one’s mind;

The rhythm along the track differs for each,

We must respect the pace;

To what extent can you move from the filtered to the unfiltered, dear reader?

Can you set yourself this reality?

Do you believe in its possibility for you?

Can the glass be broken?

Do you have the will and the…

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