Hope in the Fire

Greg sat at his desk. How many years had it been since the pain started? He could not remember. So many people had tried to help; family, friends, doctors. He had been prayed over, anointed with oil, massaged with oil, injected with drugs, pricked with needles, pulled, pushed, and prodded. Nothing seemed to stop the ever growing pain that had slowly enveloped his body over the years.

Yet here he sat. He was still fighting. He fought the pain, his fear, the unknown. The years of suffering had improved his fighting capabilities. He did not fear death, in fact he considered it the great equalizer. Everyone eventually meets the grim reaper. How much time you have before you do is not even up to the individual.  Everyone is equal in the end.

“Nothing is random.” That was Greg’s motto. He had friends that enjoyed material success and friends who rested in the arms of Jesus. Both had their challenges. Nothing in their struggles was random. Over the years he could see how each victory, and failure, molded them. Sure, trials could make you hard, angry, and even evil. That is the choice everyone is given. Do we chose peace in our struggles or scream into the abyss?

Greg knew when he was young that he could either be angry at his place in the world, or embrace it. The revelation was more pragmatic than introspection. After all, what good would getting angry do? Who ever improved their lot in life through anger? Making the best of a bad situation always made things better. As the pain and struggles increased with each year, so did Greg’s determination and faith.

“There is hope in the fire. There is purpose in our pain.” These were Greg’s truths that God had revealed to him over the years, and he was thankful he had them to share.


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