Start a new life

You can start right away to change your life for the best. A new life starts with changing your thinking. If you don’t change your thinking, you will continue to do as you have been doing; and you will continue to live as you have been living.

Change negative thinking to positive thinking.If you have been thinking “I can’t”, start now to think “I can.”

Change any negative attitude to a positive attitude. If you have been reacting negatively to situations that come up in your life, start now to react positively.

Change what you tell yourself. If you have been telling yourself “I am not good enough,’ start telling yourself, ‘I am good enough.”

Change the way you act. If you have been delaying action, start now to act promptly.

Look for the things that have been holding you back and change them. Replace them with their opposite. Are there some ideas simmering in your mind as being what holds you from succeeding? Change them.
This is how you can start a new life now.