Everything we think and say is very important

We make a big mistake to allow just any kind of thought to  take root in our minds. Also, we say tons of negative things in one day and do so day after day. It is obvious that a lot of us do not know that everything we think and say influences our lives. It either builds us or pulls us down.

Every word or sentence that comes out of our mouths is either positive or negative. If it is negative, it affects us negatively. If it is positive, it affects us positively.

I have met a lot of people who enjoy saying negative things about themselves. Look at this: 

“This is me. When things are moving on well and I come on the scene, they must go badly.”

Haven’t you heard this before? The fellow is convinced that things will not work out well for him. What then happens is he does make enough effort because he knows he is doomed to fail. 

Secondly, the people he is dealing with pick up the message of failure which he puts out silently and operate on it. They place him where he places himself. They help him get what he has claimed for himself. 

You have to watch what you think and say. Don’t nail yourself with your own thoughts and words. Control the thoughts and words that come into and out of you.  Let every thought and word you produce be positive. Also, block negative thoughts and words from coming into you.

A simple way to say it is think and speak positively all the times. Give no room for negative thoughts and language in your life.


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